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Vice President

I was one of the founder members of the RCA and bred Devons under the Carrshill prefix.   I was incredibly enthusiastic about the mission of the club and  did a huge amount of work to set the club up.  I used to be a lady of all trades!.  I used to produce something called the Rex Directory (this was before computers) where people could put down their breeders details etc.  As a club, we used to sell it on the stalls at shows.

GrCh & PR Curlytots Sequaila Tauriel,

Owner F Foster







I have bred and shown Selkirk Rex under the prefix Amazoulou for several years and am proud of my cats achievements.

The rest of the team say I am the daredevil of the committee, though I am not so sure!!

Vice President



During my time of breeding Devon Rex and British cats under the prefix of Gowlaren, I also  judged foriegn and British Cats.

I live in a lovely part of the UK, Scotland and it is nice representing the committee at shows in this area.




I have bred and shown Devon Rex under the prefix Clanclinton for 30 years.I set up the Rex Cat Association many moons ago! My position on the committee is that of Secretary.

Along with Penni Cragg. I put the RCA magazine together each year.

​I currently own two bloodhounds who are brother and sister called Howard and Lottie and enjoy showing them, I can often be found at crufts


GrPr Rexivel Ladyofthe Lake (DoB 23/03/99), Owned by J Wilkinson



Born last century & owned & shown cats, dogs, fish, horses & birds since
Purchased Cornish Rex queen in 1996; Jacnjan Jewels became a Grand Premier
and produced a grand champion in each of her two litters.
Currently has four Cornish Rex , a Devon Rex & a La Perm at home and usually
somewhere around the admin table or kitchen at shows.




My Name is Ruth and I am Treasurer for the Rex Cat Association.

I have to say, its good to work with such a great bunch of people.

I have shared my life with Devons for many years now (daren't work out how many!) and i used to show them once upon a time.

I also own a Cremello Quater horse wo is my sanity check and helps keep me active..

Vice Chairman



Hi my name is Sandra and im currently Vice Chair.

I'm married to Alan Oliffe who is also on our committee.we breed Devon Rex in the beautiful Welsh valleys under the prefix Rogus.We are committed to breeding beautiful. happy. healthy, typey Devons who are well socialised. you can often find us at shows so come over and chat to us anytime.

We are also very  happy to help.



I am the only GCCF judge currently on the on the committee, this gives a different viewpoint at meetings AGMs etc.  You will often find me at many of the shows. I am friendly and  approachable,  so do come and say hi.

At the moment I have a Magical  devon Rex, which is so much fun.


Jane is our new club Advisory Rescue and Welfare officer.



Hi my name is Alan and I'm a member of the committee and

ii'm married to Sandra Olliffe who is also on our committee.We breed Devon Rex in the beautiful Welsh valleys under the prefix Rogus.we are committed to breeding beautiful. happy type Devons who are well socialised. you can often find us at shows so come over and chat to us anytime.

We are also very  happy to help.



I have owned cats all my life and had my first Rex a Cornish in 1979, followed by a Devon Rex in 1980 which I enjoyed showing.

I have served on the Rex Cat Club and the BAC for many years in the 80s and 90s.

I have now had the opportunity to join the Rex Cat Association and will do my best where I am needed.

I am also a slave to 7 sphynx cats which I introduced into the UK in 1988.



You can often find me at the shows with my good friend and sidekick Chris Hazell.

we are known by other committee members as 'Hinge and Bracket' due to our humour and sense of fun.

When im not with Chris or chatting to the public, you will normally find me with Billy Boo My selkirk Rex.

I am always happy to help and chat, so do look me up.

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