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Vice President

I was one of the founder members of the RCA and bred Devons under the Carrshill prefix.   I was incredibly enthusiastic about the mission of the club and  did a huge amount of work to set the club up.  I used to be a lady of all trades!.  I used to produce something called the Rex Directory (this was before computers) where people could put down their breeders details etc.  As a club, we used to sell it on the stalls at shows.

GrCh & PR Curlytots Sequaila Tauriel,

Owner F Foster

Honorary Secretary
Kaz Winn

Hi, I’m Kaz and with my hubby am slave to our 11 Rexes – 8 Selkirks and 3 Devons.  I first saw a Selkirk at a show when showing my British Blue kitten, her fur was so long and curly, I giggled because she looked like a mophead in the pen and I immediately fell in love with this beautiful breed.  


I love going to shows, win or lose, I just love being part of them and also meeting up with all the great friends I’ve made … my crazy cat friends.  I can often be seen running around a show hall placing rosettes on pens.  My curly family have achieved Imperial and Grand titles, and one has achieved the prestige title of Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Master Cat, she is the purriest baby.


I live in West Wales on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast.  I am a retired local government officer, enjoy keeping fit and just love a good Zumba session.  My family (both human and furry) are my world.  

Sandra Humphreys-Olliffe


Hi, my name is Sandra, I live in the heart of the Welsh valleys and yes, I can sing!!  


I have had Devon Rex since 1984 and started breeding in 1986 under the prefix of Rogus.  I love all the Rex breeds but adore the Devons.  


I enjoy travelling, gardening and I have my own Floristry business as well as still working for the Local Council.  I arrange local Vintage Antiques and Craft Fairs too, so I’m always busy.  My big passions are rugby … oh, and F1.


I really enjoyed my years of breeding but equally now on this great Committee and wow chairing it.  I really hope you enjoy being part of it too.

Vice President

During my time of breeding Devon Rex and British cats under the prefix of Gowlaren, I also  judged foriegn and British Cats.

I live in a lovely part of the UK, Scotland and it is nice representing the committee at shows in this area.

Vice-Chair, BAC
Fiona Foster


My first Devon came into my life when I was just 16.  Over 45 years later I still adore the breed, there isn’t another cat quite like a Devon Rex.


All my cats have been shown over the years and I have also enjoyed breeding them under the prefix Sequaila.  You will often see us at shows with the cats in our motorhome ‘Ethel’, please do pop over and say hello.


I’ve made many friends through the club and I’m proud to be a member of the committee.


GrPr Rexivel Ladyofthe Lake (DoB 23/03/99), Owned by J Wilkinson

Welfare Officer
Jane Cox


Hi, I’m Jane Cox, the epitome of the proverbial ‘cat lady’.  I am currently enslaved by 10 Devon Rexes who live with us in Inverkip – a picturesque village on the west coast of Scotland.  


I’ve had my Wrenegade GCCF prefix since 1985 and have occasionally bred some nice cats, including UK Grand, Gr Ch and Gr Pr titles.  I had a break of 20+ years, but several years ago took early retirement and got back into the enjoyment of showing and breeding again.  I am passionate about all cats, but am besotted by my Devons, who I truly believe are my spirit animals.  


I have a grown up family and am a doting ‘gran gran’ (great grandmother).  I’m involved in cat rescue locally and sometimes further afield.  I’m a proud member of the Rex Cat Association, which I joined originally in the late 80s.  Always available for cat chats and/or coffee.

Lorraine Burns

rex logo.jpg

Lou Wood


My name is Lou.  I’m in my 3rd trimester of life.  I’ve had cats all my life.  I love to have a go at showing, sometimes with success and sometimes not.


I have seven furkids at the moment which include 5 Devon Rex.  They keep me not only entertained but there unrequited love is very special.


In my working life I have always dabbled in artistic pursuits.  I have a huge collection of vintage clothes and shoes from art deco to 1960s period.  I also buy and sell vintage jewellery which helps fund vets bills.


Proudest moments for me is Gus winning best of Variety and Pepe gaining his first Imperial.


My other interests are making videos and having fun.  I also collect rare vinyl and used to DJ … even as far as Dublin!



I am the only GCCF judge currently on the on the committee, this gives a different viewpoint at meetings AGMs etc.  You will often find me at many of the shows. I am friendly and  approachable,  so do come and say hi.

At the moment I have a Magical  devon Rex, which is so much fun.

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