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Promoting and Protecting
All Rex Breeds

"Where Felines Come First"

'Where Felines Come First' was chosen as the club's motto, and the RCA has always tried to be guided by those words. The Committee, the majority having been together since formation and long term friends, will support the RCA regardless of current politics. The RCA is a club to be enjoyed because it was developed from the love of cats - long may it remain.

Dinah FAB.jpg

The First Devon Rex was born in 1960 from a Feral Tortoiseshell and White female cat in Buckfastleigh, Devon England.

IGrCh Sequalia Dinah Mite, Breeder and Owner Fiona Foster


Fiddlestix Vagabond Owned by Michelle Findlay 

Club Motto

In the litter of kittens was one Curly Brownish -Black male. Miss Beryl Cox named this kitten Kirlee. Miss Cox knew Kirlee was different from his normal coated litter mates. She kept Kirlee as her own pet. All Devon Rexes can be traced back to Kirlee, the first Devon Rex.

Devon Rex

Picture of Kirlee with kind Permission of A Ashford and J Wilkinson

Our Other Breeds

Diademhill Kitten Breeder S Boswell

Pr Noontide Cookie.jpg

GrPr Noontide Cookie Starstone Owened by C Walker

Bred By C McCarthy & G Harker

Ch Quincunx Xenobia Xoom LP1.jpg

Ch  Quincunx Xenobia Zoom

Owned and Bred by A Nicholls

Cornish Rex

Selkirk Rex


The Cornish Rex was first seen in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. On July 21, 1950 a tortoiseshell cat named Serena, owned by Mrs. Nina Ennismore gave birth to a litter of five kittens. One red & white coloured kitten in this litter had an unusual curly coat. The kitten was named Kallibunker (Kalli) and was to become the founder of the Cornish Rex breed.

The Selkirk Rex originated in Montana, USA in 1987, with a litter born to a rescued cat. The only unusually coated kitten in the litter was ultimately placed with breeder, Jeri Newman,who named her Miss DePesto.

This cat was bred to a black Persian male, producing three Selkirk Rex and three straight-haired kittens. This showed that the gene had an autosomal dominant mode of inheritance. All Selkirk Rex trace their ancestry back to the cat Miss DePesto. Jeri Newman named the breed after her stepfather, "Selkirk," making this the first (and currently only) breed of cat to be named after an actual person.

On March 1st, 1982 Linda Koehl watched a brown tabby cat named Speedy have a litter of 6 kittens in a barn in her cherry orchard and witnessed the birth of a new rex mutation: a long, skinny, hairless kitten with large wide-spaced ears, and a tabby pattern apparent in the skin like a tattoo. At 6 weeks the kitten developed a sparse curly shorthaired coat with a brown classic tabby pattern and Linda named her Curly. As she matured, Curly developed a soft wavy coat. Over time, more curly coated cats appeared on the farm. Linda decided to start a breeding program to establish her unique cats as the Laperm breed.

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