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Rexes Looking for A new Home

There are currently no cats waiting to be rehomed

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Telephone Jane on: 07515 885254

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Good News..... These cats have a new home!!


We Currently have a 7 year old neutered blue male Devon Rex called Murphy looking for a forever home.

Murphy is a problem child, that has seen a vet, who can find no physical reasons for his condition.

Murphy constantly licks his stomach and underarms leaving them sore and open to infection. As there is no physical cause, the most likely possibility for the behaviour is stress. Murphy also has a problem defacating in the litter tray, again, this could be a stress related conditioned behaviour.


Murphy, is going to need an experienced new owner with time, understanding and the patience to retrain him.

Another cat may also benefit Murphy and keep him occupied and stop him from over grooming.

If you think you can give Murphy the new home he deserves or want more information

contact Chris on the details listed.

Beautiful Alice

Alice is 2 years old and is a Selkirk Rex varient.

She is vaccinated and neutered and very friendly.

Alice would love to be in her forever home for Christmas

November 2016


November 2016                                                    


Twiggy is an 11 year old Cornish Rex, who is up for rehoming through no fault of his own. his owner has unfortunately had to go into a care home and is no longer able to care for him. Twiggy has no health problems, except for being a much loved and indulged pet and is now very overwieght.

Twiggy is microchipped and fully vaccinated. At present he is being cared for by neighbours in the empty house he once shared with his owner. Obviously this is far from ideal, if you think you can give Twiggy a forever home in his twilight years please get in touch with Chris on the details listed.

This is blue, she is 8 years old and is very friendly, she loves company and shes being rehomed through no fault of her own.


  Blue has no health or behaviour problems and is fit and well.

Blue is a typical Devon Rex and loves her food and eats very well.

She needs to be an only cat.

For more information please contact Chris through the contact box or phone her on

01582 597049

October 2017

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