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The general aim of the Club and its members is to protect and advance the interests of Rex breeds.  This Code of Ethics is meant to illustrate how Members can get closer to achieving that aim.  The following guidelines should be followed as a minimum requirement for those wishing to show and breed.






As an affiliated Club, members of the Rex Cat Association are bound to abide by all GCCF Rules. (Please note, ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse for breach of these Rules.)  Copies of GCCF Rules are available from the GCCF, 4-6 Penel Orlieu, Bridgwater, Somerset  TA6 3PG.


Club Motto



Only sell kittens/cats to homes where there is a reasonable expectation of a happy and healthy life and be willing to help with the rehoming of a cat if the initial circumstances change. Breeders should retain, where possible, a life-long interest of the kittens/cats they have sold or rehomed


Provide written details of all dietary requirements and supply guidance concerning responsible ownership when placing a cat or kitten in a new home. Ensure the owner realises that adequate provisions should be made for the cat in the even of his/her death.


Properly house and feed all cats under care and arrange for appropriate veterinary attention if required. Keep only as many cats as can be cared for adequately.


Conduct oneself in a proper manner at cat shows and treat judges, Veterinary Surgeons, show officials, exhibitors and their cats with respect, irrespective of circumstances.  Encourage new members to do the same.


In the case of rejection under 'Section D' at a show or exhibition, the owner should notify the kitten list holder in order that kittens from the same household can be removed from the list until such time clearance is received.


Please note, in the case of any infectious diseases, with the exception of Ringworm, Feline Leukaemia or Feline Immunodeficiency virus, being diagnosed by a Veterinary Surgeon in the household or cattery, no cat owned or living at said address can attend any show or exhibition until one month after all cats owned and/or living at said address have been examined by a Veterinary Surgeon and pronounced free from evidence of the disease in question.


Committee members shall abide by majority decisions irrespective of their own views and be supportive of each other and of the Club as a whole.  Committee members are reminded that all discussions are confidential, members who are in breach of this rule could face disciplinary action.


Rogus Helena of Troy. Breeder S Humphreys- Ollilffe

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