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Rex Rehome & Welfare

Occasionally we may have a cat looking for a home*. There are many reasons for this, the cat may be unhappy in his/her current home, the owner has passed away, or a split in a relationship has necessitated a move where an animal cannot be accommodated.


Rehomes, once settled in their new house and are confident that nobody is going to take them away again, generally settle in well and are loving pets.  However, depending on their previous circumstances, there might be some, who, will take longer to adjust.  In all cases rehomes need understanding owners. If you have another cat(s), please allow your new addition to get used to its new home and surroundings before introducing them. Remember!, your cat has been taken away from a familiar environment (good or bad) and might be very unsure and frightened at first


For those looking to rehome their cat, we offer you confidentiality, however, it is our practice to get in touch with the breeder (if contactable) when a cat is listed on our books. Only in exceptional circumstances will this not be done.


If you are simply looking for help, before rehoming becomes your last resort, please contact us. We will always offer support and guidance where we can.


Please note. We do not have kittens on the rehome site. If you are looking for a kitten please use our breeder page


* A donation to the club welfare fund will be appreciated to cover administration and homing costs.

Rex Rehome & International Rescue!!

We have a really good network of volunteer foster carers and people going to rescue Rexes, however, we always need more.

I am currently putting together a list of volunteers to help with rehoming/rescue of Rex cats. Should these ever be required, we need temporary foster homes around the country. If anybody is willing to help please let me know so we can get a new register up and running.


If the situation allows and there is time, the best solution for a cat/s, is for it to be rehomed from its present home with the support being given to the owner. This reduces the amount of stress placed on the cat, as it only moves once to its new home.


It is cats or kittens that are in real need of help that must be our priority. We all know that circumstances can change in a household and sometimes the trauma can mean a pet gets overlooked. We aim to rehome these cats as soon as possible, with the least amount of stress for them.


if you think you can help in some way, please contact me at the details below.


Please contact Jane in the first instance, on 07515885254 or email


Click on the email button.

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