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Devon Rex

Wrenegade kittens,    Breed by J Cox


GrPr Sequaila Pepe La Pugh,

Owned by L Wood

Bred by F Foster

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The  Devon Rex is known as the Pixie of the cat world, with its big ears and elfin face and large eyes. you can only imagine what this cheeky little cat is thinking. This breed is like no other and has been described as a cross between a cat, a dog and a monkey and is intensly loyal.

Anyone thinking of a Devon must be prepared to be owned by them. They are not happy unless they are with you, sleeping with you, following you round, on your shoulder or lap, even visiting the toilet with you! they are definately a velcro cat, stuck to you at every opportunity. It is this willingness to please that makes them so easy to train, high fives, fetch and superb recalls are not unusual tricks for this breed. The Devon can get its meddling paws into everything and can be destructive at times.

Devons are lithe and energetic and are naturals with children, they are tireless playmates and become best friends quickly. Be warned though they are naughty, naughty, naughty!                                                                Produced by Fiona Foster

Diademhill Cat & Kittens

Owner S Boswell

Cornish Rex


The Cornish Rex has a sophisicated, elegant appearence with a long slender body and legs with small oval paws. The Cornish Rex body is covered with Marcel waves of plush velvet.

The wedge shaped head with high cheek bones, high set large ears and straight profile this Rex totally apart form all the other Rexes.

Although the Cornish may have a dainty, fragile appearence do not be decieved, this small to medium sized cat is robust and sturdy enough to cope with every type of family home.

Cornish Rex are high octane cats that are always on the go and like nothing better than interacting and being played with. They are incredibly agile and if you loose yours always look up high, as they are incredible climbers.

They are loyal to their chosen humans and love nothing better than to snuggle up on a lap, until it is play time again.

Cornish Rex are exceptionally good at using their front paws as 'hands' and are capapable of catching objects thrown for them. Other games they love are fetch and football.

These cats get on well with other dogs cats and children, and are best kept with a playmate. if they get bored they can become destructive. using their 'little hands' to get themselves into all sorts of mischief.

Produced by F Foster & M Carter

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Crinkles Reed & GR PR & Ch Curlu Nate Owner C Walker.  Breeders P Anderson & K Dove

Selkirk Rex


The Selkirk Rex is commonly referred to as the cat in sheep’s clothing, with its dense curly coat and stocky build. They are also often called “real life teddy bears”, as their affectionate and cuddly nature, coupled with the curly coat do make them look and feel like every child’s favourite companion. Selkirk owners MUST have a sense of humour, however, as with their unstructured and abundant curls, “bad hair day” comments abound, and the cats themselves are natural clowns, although the benefits of owning one of these delightful cats far outweigh the rude comments, intentional or otherwise, from some quarters. The breed is loyal, affectionate, playful, mischievous, amusing and doglike in many ways. Like other Rex breeds they are “people cats” who love to be with you, will sleep on your pillow, greet you when you come home from work etc, and they also generally get on very well with other cats and dogs etc.


Unlike the other Rex breeds many Selkirks adore being outdoors getting wet, cold, snowed on etc, possibly because with their thick coats they don’t feel it, but outdoors should ALWAYS be in a safe run or enclosed garden, they have no traffic sense and will therefore be at great risk if just left to roam.


Selkirk Rexes are simply the most amazing breed to own but beware, they are an extremely addictive breed and one Selkirk invariably leads to another, and another, and another ………….

Produced by Carol Walker

 Quincunx Kitten
Breeder/Owner A Nichols


LaPerms are very people-focused cats, even as tiny kittens they will sometimes stop nursing and turn around if you talk to them. They like to be with their people and tend to follow their owners about and try to join in with whatever you are doing. They are ever curious to discover what you are looking at, what is on your plate and what is behind that door you are opening. Many are quite dog-like and will enjoy playing a game of fetch with a favourite toy, sometimes seeking out their special toy to bring to you. They will also often come to the front door to greet you when you return home.


They are agile and athletic and like to jump and climb up to high places from which to survey their domains, so any high perch is highly prized. They are generally quite easy going and get on with other cats and dogs. They are happier with some company and do not particularly like being left along for long periods.


They are very affectionate cats that love cuddles and will normally join their owners on the sofa. Some will even drape themselves around your neck or across your shoulder and go with you as you move about. As kittens they can be very energetic and playful and get up to all sorts of entertaining antics. They calm down a bit as adults but still retain their playful streak and love to play interactive games with their owners, like laser toys or fishing rod toys. They are gentle with children and confident enough to thrive in the hustle and bustle of a busy family home.


Produced by Anthony Nichols

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